Jose Mancini
Always a pleasure to work with the Old School Lab Team. Always right on time and great quality. Cannot ask for more. Thanks
Angel M(non-registered)
Mailed 2 rolls in on a Tuesday and had scans in my email by Thursday! I had no idea I would get them so fast, and such high quality too. I will definitely continue to use OSPL and recommend to all :) Thanks
Ben Fenkner(non-registered)
Thanks, Old School Photo. I didn't expect to see my photos so soon! They look great!
Vivian Williamson(non-registered)
Thank you so much, Old School Photo Lab, as I found this old film roll and no one could develop it in Canada that I could find so searched online and found you! I emailed to see and am grateful for the great service and photo memories that are from about 2007!! Appreciate the help!! Sincerely, Vivian P.S. It was recommended to me by McBain Camera Store in Red Deer, AB so I will pass this info onto our club members for future business.
Ryan Willey(non-registered)
Developing at Old School Photo is by far the best experience one can have.
Jason P(non-registered)
Thanks OSPL! Found some old family treasures from the mid-late 50s of my mother as a child, my grandparents, grand aunt and uncle. Quick turn around and great service. Thanks for saving our memories!
Betty Fishman(non-registered)
I found 2 old rolls of film of unknown vintage, and had no idea what--if anything--was on them. I searched online and found OSPL, and sent them in. I am so impressed with this company's service! They told me that one roll was so bad, they wouldn't charge me for processing it. About half of the other roll was salvageable, and when I got the pictures back, I was amazed. The photos dated from 1993! They had degraded, but are good enough to fill a void in our memory books that I hadn't realized existed until now. Thank you, OSPL!!
Susan Jennings(non-registered)
Very fast service. Good communication. Thanks!
Mark Hall(non-registered)
Great service, quick turnaround and very high quality. I'll be back!
Kristen E. Smith
I am in a long term relationship with OSPL. I am consistently happy and impressed with the results that I receive. I have used other labs in the past and I never felt that I could completely trust any of them with my film in their hands. OSPL, on the other hand, has my complete trust. I know when I send a roll of film up to NH to be developed and scanned, people who truly care about film photography and me as a customer are going to treat that roll of film as if it were their own. OSPL really spoils the customer! Scans are lightning fast and always an incredibly high quality. Count me in as a lifetime customer. Thank you for everything!
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